Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Writing Paragraphs Homework for October 5th

My name is :___________________________
                                                                              My identity box
ü Please bring 5 artifacts in a box. Each artifact is to represent a symbol of your identity such as thoughts, feelings, memories, and experiences.
ü You will write a paragraph for each artifact. Please try to write an organized paragraph for each one. (see example below)
ü Your paragraphs need to feature organized details and a sense of conclusion.
ü Explain what each object represents and how it is a part of your identity.
ü 3 paragraphs are to be in French and 2 in English ; if you are in grade 5 you only have to write 4 pagraphs (2 in French and 2 in English).

You will be asked to show the class your box of artifacts, like a « Show and Tell».

Due : Thursday, October 5th

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