Friday, September 15, 2017

We are still waiting for agendas! -- here are some reminders:

• Orange sheets need to come back to school as soon as possible so that students can begin to use technology tools in the classroom.
• Students in cross country have a yellow form to return to class
• An info meeting for grade 6's interested in going to Quebec in 2019 will take place in the library on September 19th in the evening.
• Students will share what their favourite book is/a book that is special to them on Monday.* (I pasted the instructions to this assignment below in this post in case it was forgotten at school).

*Nom :___________________________________
Un livre bien aimé:

ü Choisis un livre que tu aimes bien.
ü Dessine le page titre ou imprime un image de l’internet ou apporte le livre dans la classe.
ü Prépare une petite explication que tu vas partager devant la classe. Pourquoi aimes-tu ce livre?

Exemple: Voici un livre bien aimé. Le titre est ____________________________________________. L’auteur est_________________________________________.

J’ai lui ce livre quand j’avais _____________ ans.

J’aime ce livre parce que_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

Ce livre est...______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.
ü On présente *lundi, le 18 septembre.*
ü Expectations: do your best to speak clearly & answer questions your classmates might have.

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