Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Goal Setting assignment (this assignment is in French but the instructions are in English):

As a class we will each come up with one short-term, one medium-term and one long-term goal. These could be academic or personal goals.*

*Short-term goals can be achieved in fewer than two months. Medium-term goals may take from two months to three years to achieve. Long-term goals require three or more years to achieve. Long-term goals may be built upon short-term goals. (http://fffl.councilforeconed.org/documents/978-1-56183-694-9-visual-lesson-10.pdf)

In a short paragraph you will:
• Describe your short-term goal (mon objectif à court terme) – what is your short term goal? (4 marks)
• List at least one individual who might be able to help you achieve this goal. (4 marks) Who is that person? How might they be able to help?
• Develop a plan to work toward achieving each goal. (4 marks)
• Explain how can you take steps to work toward achieving each of your goals. You should include at least one specific thing you intend to do to achieve each goal. (4 marks)

This writing assignment is due on September 28th.
Please note that you will have the computers reserved for you this week; this will give you a good amount of time to finish your work in class if you are on task.

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