Sunday, September 10, 2017

Donner la lettre d'information aux parents

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Division 5, Room 34!

My name is Mme Bournelis and I will be teaching your child grade 5/6 French Immersion. I look forward to creating a wonderful classroom community with your children.

Communication with parents:

I value open communication between parents and school, and therefore maintain an open-door policy in my classroom. I use the Fresh Grade online platform to communicate marks and assessments, but am happy to “go old school” and correspond in other ways that are convenient to you. I will be providing more detail on Fresh Grade later this month. I also respond quickly to emails (

Students will be using their agendas daily. I do not require a signature from home, but your child will have either a signature or a stamp from me as part of their accountability.

As part of homework, I ask that students spend 20 minutes a day engaging with French media. On my blog,, I have created a tab with links to online games such as French Boggle, streaming TV shows, music, and comics. Of course, simply reading at home in French counts as 20 minutes of French. I do not ask for a log and for daily signing, as I understand that sometimes things come up and a day gets missed. However, for the purpose of student accountability, I will ask students to complete a short reflection on their French homework and this reflection goes home on Fridays to be signed by parents and returned to school on Monday mornings. is also a place where I post homework and school reminders.

Daily 5/ 5 au quotidien:

Some of you will be familiar with the “5 au quotidien” Daily 5 practices for building literacy in the classroom. This is a method some teachers implemented last year.  The Daily Five is a way of structuring the reading block so every student is independently engaged in meaningful literacy tasks. These research based tasks are ones that will have the biggest impact on student reading and writing achievement, as well as help foster children who love to read and write. Students receive explicit whole group instruction and then are given independent practice time to read and write independently while I provide focused, intense instruction to individuals and small groups of students.
            When it is up and running smoothly, students will be engaged in the Daily Five, which are comprised of:
  • Read to Self
  • Work on Writing
  • Read to Someone
  • Listen to Reading
  • Word Work
I am excited about giving your child the opportunity to be involved in a structure that will have a positive effect on their education.

Subjects not taught by Mme Bournelis:

PE – Mondays at 1:30 and Thursdays at 10:30 – taught by Mr Ribeyre, our VP.
Band – Wednesdays at 1:30 and Fridays at 1:00 – taught by Ms Hu.

I hope to see you at Meet the Teacher on September 21st where we can talk more and I can answer any questions you may have.

Alexandra Bournelis

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